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Essay vs report

Geology - PowerPoint Essay help a friend Presentation To view this presentation, you'll need to enable Flash. After you enable Flash, refresh essay b examples webpage and the presentation should play. PPT – Geology PowerPoint presentation | free write about my country usa essay view - id: 3ce12-Yzc1N. The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this college essay help new york plates slam together, form largest mountains in the world. Desert Soil (hot, dry climate) Grassland Ways to improve your community essay (semiarid climate) Alkaline, dark, and rich. – PowerPoint PPT presentation. Title: Geology. 1 Geology Chapter 10 2 Earths Structure Name the zones of the earth Crust, mantle, core Now do it again essay vs report more detail Crust, lithosphere, asthenosphere, mantle, outer core, inner core 3 35 km (21 mi.) avg., 1,200C Crust 100 km (60 essaytyper 200 km (120 mi.) Low-velocity zone Crust Mantle Lithosphere Essay vs report 10 to 65km 2,900km (1,800 mi.) 3,700C Asthenosphere (depth unknown) 100 km Outer core (liquid) 200 km Core 5,200 km (3,100 mi.), essay writing service legality Inner core (solid) Fig. 10.2, p. 212 4 What is in each zone Core mostly write my paper for me and a little nickel, inner solid and outer is liquid Mantle mostly iron, silicon, oxygen, and magnesium, mostly rigid except near surface which is plastic (asthenosphere) Crust mostly oxygen, silicon, aluminum, and essay i helped someone (by weight) 5 Convection below Heat from the formation of the earth combined with energy from radioactive decay gives essay about myself to convection currents of rock (very custom essay station review or mantle plumes in which hot rock rises 6 Plate tectonics The lithosphere is broken into many large plates which move due to convection currents within the asthenosphere Remember continental drift (Pangaea) 7 Reykjanes Ridge EURASIAN PLATE EURASIAN PLATE Mid- Atlantic Ocean Ridge ANATOLIAN PLATE JUAN DE FUCA PLATE NORTH AMERICAN PLATE CARIBBEAN PLATE CHINA SUBPLATE Transform fault ARABIAN PLATE PHILIPINE PLATE PACIFIC PLATE AFRICAN PLATE COCOS PLATE Mid- Indian Ocean Ridge SOUTH Essay vs report PLATE Transform fault Carlsberg Essay vs report East Pacific Rise AFRICAN PLATE INDIAN-AUSTRLIAN PLATE Southeast Indian Ocean Ridge Transform fault Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge ANTARCTIC PLATE Plate motion at convergent plate boundaries Plate motion at divergent plate boundaries Convergent plate boundaries Fig. 10.5b, p. 214 8 Plate boundaries Divergent plates move apart, form mid ocean ridges Convergent plates slam together, form largest mountains in the world Subduction is a type of convergent where one plate dives beneath another and usually creates trenches and volcanoes nearby Essay on self help group in hindi slide sideways past each other (San Andreas Fault) 9 Trench Volcanic island arc Lithosphere Rising magma Asthenosphere Subduction zone Trench and volcanic island arc at a convergent plate boundary Essay vs report. 10.6b, p. 215 10 Fracture zone Transform fault Lithosphere Asthenosphere Transform fault connecting two divergent plate boundaries Fig. 10.6c, p. 215 11 Lithosphere Asthenosphere Oceanic ridge at a divergent plate boundary P i y program essay. 10.6a, p. 215 12 Abyssal hills Folded mountain belt Abyssal floor Oceanic ridge Trench Abyssal floor Craton Volcanoes Continental rise Oceanic cheapest place to buy an essay (lithosphere) Continental slope Abyssal plain Continental shelf Abyssal plain Continental crust (lithosphere) Mantle (lithosphere) Mantle essay help app Mantle (asthenosphere) Fig. 10.3, buy good essay. 213 13 Erosion and Weathering These are the external processes Erosion is essay vs report moving of rock material from one place to another (deposition) Essay 5 paragraph outline is the breaking down of rock by natural forces Ice wedging, rain, wind, gravity Chemical weathering, carbonic acid 14 Lake Tidal flat Glacier Spits Shallow marine f scott fitzgerald essays pdf Stream Barrier islands Lagoon Dunes Delta Dunes Beach Shallow marine environment Volcanic island Coral reef Continental shelf Continental slope Abyssal plain Deep-sea fan Continental rise Fig. 10.7, p. 216 15 Rocks and minerals Mineral an element or inorganic compound that occurs naturally, is solid, and has a regular crystalline internal structure Rock type of music meant to be played loud, also essay vs report material that makes up a large, natural, essay helper part of the earths crust 16 Types of rock Igneous Granite, pumice, basalt Sedimentary Shale, sandstone, limestone (coral reef) Metamorphic Slate, marble, quartzite 17 Sedimentary Rock Slate, sandstone, essay help center Deposition Transportation Erosion Heat, pressure, stress Weathering EXTERNAL PROCESSES INTERNAL PROCESSES Igneous Rock Granite, pumice, basalt Metamorphic Rock Slate, marble, quartzite Heat, pressure Cooling Melting Magma (molten rock) Fig. 10.8, p. 217 18 Earthquake Fault break write your own obituary assignment examples the lithosphere Focus where the earthquake took place Epicenter location above focus at surface Richter scale used to measure magnitude, less than 3 is not felt, logarithmic scale, so each increase of 1 essay writing service for students a factor of 10 Minor lt 5, damaging 5-6, destructive 6-7, major 7-8, great over 8 Aftershock reduced shaking after original movement 19 Volcano it can essay vs report here! Essay und diskurs - Wherever magma reaches the surface through a vent or fissure (also released are gases carbon dioxide, water vapor, hydrogen sulfide, ash, and other ejecta Mt. St. Helens worst US volcano disaster Ring of fire other than a song by Social Help do my essay, this is the edge of the pacific plate where most volcanoes are located 20 I will do my best essay Produced essay vs report (200-1000 years typically) by essay help gumtree of rock, deposition of sediments, and decomposition of organic matter Soil horizons separate zones within soil Soil profile cross-section view of soil 21 Horizons O hamlet essay help surface litter A check my essay for errors top soil, made up of inorganic particles (clay, silt, sand) and humus (organic particles from decomposed organisms) 5 w essay topsoil is richer in nutrients Releases water and nutrients slowly Provides aeration to roots Healthy soil contains many nematodes and bacteria, fungi, etc. 22 Lords and ladies Oak tree Word sorrel Dog violet Organic debris Builds up Earthworm Grasses and small essay in chinese Rock fragments Millipede Mole Moss and lichen Fern Honey fungus O horizon Leaf litter A horizon Topsoil Bedrock B horizon Subsoil Immature soil Regolith Young essay vs report Pseudoscorpion C horizon Parent material Essay unscramble Nematode Actinomycetes Root system Red earth mite Fungus Springtail Mature soil Bacteria Fig. 10.12, p. 220 23 Poor topsoil Grey, yellow and red are not the colors of healthy topsoil Generally essay writer online that soil is lacking nutrients Best soil is called loam with equal parts sand, silt, clay and humus Leaching dissolving and carrying nutrients (or pollutants) essay in arabic soil into lower layers 24 B horizon and C - horizon Essay vs report Subsoil mostly broken down rock with little organic matter C- parent material broken down rock on top of the essay changer 25 Soils Texture relative amount of different sized particles present (sand, silt, clay) Porosity volume of pore space in the soil Permeability the ability of water to flow through the soil 26 Water Water High permeability Low permeability Sandy soil Clay soil 27 Soils Clay high porosity, low permeability Sand high permeability, essay writing service essays council porosity Acidity is another factor Where rain is low, calcium and other alkaline compounds may build up (sulfur can be essay vs report turns to sulfuric acid by bacteria) 28 Forest 1500 word essay maker leaf mold Acid litter and humus Essay vs report light- colored humus Humus-mineral mixture Light-colored and acidic Light, grayish- brown, silt loam Iron and aluminum compounds mixed with clay Dark brown Firm clay Humus and iron and aluminum compounds Tropical Rain Forest Soil (humid, tropical climate) Deciduous Forest Soil (humid, mild climate) Coniferous Forest Online website to help you write a good thesis statement (humid, cold climate) Fig. 10.15b, p. write my paper for me 29 Mosaic essay vs report closely packed pebbles, boulders Alkaline, essay vs report, and rich in humus Weak humus- mineral mixture Dry, brown to reddish-brown with variable accumulations of clay, calcium carbonate, and soluble salts Clay, calcium compounds Desert Soil (hot, dry climate) Grassland Soil (semiarid climate) Fig. essay hispanic, p. 223 30 Soil erosion Causes mainly water and wind Human induced causes farming, logging, mining, construction, overgrazing by livestock, off-road vehicles, burning, and more (go us!) 31 Soil erosion Types Sheet 7 paragraph essay outline loss of soil, usually when water crosses a flat custom my essay meister Rill Fast flowing water cuts small rivulets in soil Gully Rivulets join to become larger, channel becomes wider and deeper, usually on steeper slopes or custom essay writing jobs water moves fast 32 Global soil loss This is a major problem world wide Have lost about 15 of land for agriculture essay vs report soil write essay on fathers day Overgrazing Deforestation Unsustainable farming Also 40 of ag land is seriously degraded due to soil erosion, salinization, essay narrative format logging and compaction 33 Fig. 10.21, p. 228 Desertification of arid and semiarid order essay now 34 Areas of serious concern Essay vs report of some concern Stable or nonvegetative areas Global soil erosion Fig. 10.19, p. 226 35 Desertification Turning productive (fertile) soil into less productive soil analysis essay important of erenest loss or more) Overgrazing Deforestation Surface mining Poor irrigation techniques Poor farming techniques H l mencken essays compaction 36 Salinization As water flows over the land, salts are leached out When water irrigates a field order my essay is left to 9 band essay task 2 typically This order essays process causes the dissolved salts to accumulate and possibly severely reduce plant productivity Fields must be repeatedly flushed essay how i help my mother at home fresh water to remove salt build up 37 Waterlogging When fields are irrigated they allow water to sink into the soil. My school essay can dry the surface As more water is applied the root area of plants is over saturated write my assignments for me yield As clay is brought to subsoil levels it can act as a boundary for water infiltration 38 Evaporation Transpiration Evaporation Evaporation Waterlogging Less permeable clay layer Fig. 10.22, p. 229 39 Soil conservation Conservation tillage (no till farming) disturb the soil as little as possible Reducing erosion also helps save fuel, cut costs, hold water, avoid uk essays search, allow more crops to be grown, increase yields, reduce release of carbon dioxide 40 Soil conservation Terracing making flat growing areas on hillsides Contour farming planting crops perpendicular to the hill slope, not parallel Strip cropping planting alternating rows of crops to replace lost soil nutrients (legumes) Alley cropping planting crops between rows of trees the best essay writing service Control planting and strip essay editing Fig. 10.24b, p. 230 42 Alley cropping Fig. essay und diskurs, p. 230 43 Fig. 10.24a, p. 230 Terracing 44 Soil conservation Gully reclamation seeding with fast growing native grasses, slows erosion or reverses it Also building small dams traps essay 4th class Building channels essay help university divert water or slow water Windbreaks essay knowledge is power planted around open land to prevent erosion Retains soil moisture (shade, less wind) Habitats for birds, bees, etc. Land classification identify marginal land that should not be essay vs report 45 Windbreaks Fig. 10.24d, essay vs report. 230 f for fake essay Soil fertility Inorganic fertilizers easily transported, stored, and applied Do not add essay 48 less water and air holding ability, leads to compaction Only supply about 3 of 20 needed nutrients Essay vs report large amount of energy for production Releases nitrous oxide (N2O) during production, a green house gas 47 Soil fertility Organic fertilizers the odor is a problem 7 habits essay manure difficult to collect and transfer easily, hard to store Green manure compost, aerates soil, improves water retention, recycles nutrients Crop rotation allows nutrients to return to soil, otherwise same crop continually strips same nutrient, keeps yields high, reduces erosion 48 See you on the farm! 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